West Coast Premiere

Lisa Downs’ documentary LIFE AFTER FLASH is a one-of-a-kind experience and equal parts celebration, behind the scenes footage, and new, brilliant material. It’s a perfect example of what a filmmaker can achieve by exploring a beloved film and an uncovering an incredible story that has remained unheard until now.

Likely everyone knows Sam J. Jones as the man who played the film’s titular hero, but the true extent of his experience in the role and broader life story is more intricate, complicated and touching than anyone could have ever guessed. From his meteoric rise to a catastrophic fall, and the way he found himself throughout, Jones’ story is 100% universal and human; a man born of obstacles.

Adding texture and fun to the story are: the cast of FLASH GORDON, Brian May from QUEEN, some of the film’s many, many fans and even those involved in the production. All bring stories that will make you roar with laughter or sit mouth agape in astonishment: this is the making-of that all of us fans have been patiently waiting for. Special mention must go to Brian Blessed, who is on top form bellowing his beloved stories from the set, and to the never-before-seen footage from events where it’s incredibly emotional to see Jones interacting with his fans.

Almost a blueprint for how a cult film is born, as well as an examination of how such a creation survives and what happens to those behind it, LIFE AFTER FLASH is simply unmissable: a true journey into the heart of cinema and what makes it great.

Evrim Ersoy

Director: Lisa Downs
Country: UK
Runtime: 94 min.
Year: 2017
Guests: Sam J. Jones, Melody Anderson and Lisa Downs in Person


 Double-feature: with FLASH GORDON

October 3
10:00 pm (1h 40′)

Egyptian Theatre: Hulu Screen

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