World Premiere

The filmmakers are calling this the “definitive 80s horror documentary” and they are not kidding! Clocking in at over four hours (!), this mega-doc is a who’s who of 80s horror featuring interviews with John Carpenter, Joe Dante, Barbara Crampton, Sean S. Cunnigham, Greg Nicotero, Don Mancini, Caroline Williams and everyone in-between. Loaded with anecdotes and clips, “In Search of Darkness” illuminates what many consider to be the best decade from our favorite genre in a whole new way.

Beyond Fest is beyond stoked to present the World Premiere of the definitive chronicle of horror’s wildest decade, where films were loaded with practical FX, sex, and gore, and reality was rife with political and cultural strife as the AIDS epidemic, seismic socioeconomic shifts, the Cold War, and a boom in technological growth were in the process of changing the world forever. Join us for a star-studded journey through neon-lit horror history!

Spencer Hickman

Director: David A. Weiner
Country: UK
Runtime: 240 min.
Year: 2019
Guests: Panel discussion during intermission with guests Caroline Williams, Barbara Crampton, Don Mancini, Kelli Maroney and Mick Garris in Person

October 6
6:00 pm (4h 15′)

Hulu Theatre @The Egyptian