Although unfairly maligned upon its initial release, “Howard The Duck” has remained a favourite with fans throughout the years.

Don’t believe us? Ask James Gunn, who felt compelled to include the plucky hero in a cameo in his first foray into the Marvel cinematic universe. And who can blame him for having a sweet spot for such an odd duck?

For those who are joining the party for the first time, “Howard the Duck” stars our titular sarcastic, cigar-chomping 27 year old hero who unhappily exists on his planet, Duckworld. With too much booze and an endless penchant for the ladies, he’s suddenly beamed away from his planet via an Earth-based scientific experiment gone awry and lands in Cleveland, Ohio. Now, literally, a duck out of water, Howard must contend with this new and strange place, and, of course, prevent the very destruction of the universe by a villain who also gets accidentally beamed down to Earth.

Visually inventive and engaging, ‘Howard The Duck’ is an amazing oddity: a comic book film squarely aimed at adults with humor way above the heads of the young audience it drew. It is closer to the comic films of the 40’s with gruff comedians & bawdy humour, but pushes that genre one step further with science-fiction tinged storyline that is truly and bizarrely out of this world.

Way, way ahead of its time, ‘Howard The Duck’ remains the perfect marriage of ‘what if’ and ‘wtf,’ featuring duck martial arts and a highly questionable flirtation between human and avian. Thanks to Beyond Fest, we get to enjoy the entirety of its beautiful madness on 70mm and once again join Howard on an intergalactic jaunt of impossible proportions. (Evrim Ersoy)

Director: Willard Huyck
Country: United States
Runtime: 110 minutes
Format: 70mm
Year: 1986

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October 4
7:30 pm (1h 50′)

Egyptian Theatre

Tickets – $15