“Hellraiser” turns 30 this year: Let that sink in for a moment.

It’s been a full 30 years since Clive Barker’s dark and dirty masterpiece hit our screens. In the midst of what seemed like endless slasher sequels, Clive Barker delivered a film that was a  breath of fetid air.

“Hellraiser” wasn’t for kids, it was a mid-budget horror film with huge ideas, exploring fidelity, faith, pleasure & pain whilst leaning heavily on the BDSM scene.

What helps “Hellraiser” stand head and shoulders above other genre fare from the same period are: a deeply serious tone, lashings of practical effects, and an orchestral score by Christopher Young that is worlds away from the ubiquitous generic synth scores that plagued horror at the time.

The central demons (or are they saviors?) of the film, the Cenobites, are unleashed when a demonic rubik’s cube is opened and literally all hell breaks loose. Barker cleverly keeps the Cenobites in the background, making them much more mysterious and creepy. Much of the grotesquerie actually comes from the human characters’ actions and deceptions.

An absolute masterpiece of the horror genre, we are thrilled to be screening this on luscious 35mm. Death Waltz Recording Company, in conjunction with Lakeshore Records, will be selling an exclusive variant of its new Anniversary edition LP at the Mondo booth in the lobby on the night of the screening.

Produced in an edition of only 500 units worldwide and split between our Beyond Fest screening and a UK screening that took place at The Prince Charles Cinema in London they’ll also have a number of ltd edtion screenprints by artist Matt Ryan Tobin available while supplies last.

(Spencer Hickman)


Special Thanks to Mondo & Christopher Young, Lakeshore Records & Seraphim Inc.

30th Anniversary


Director: Clive Barker
Country: United States
Runtime: 94 minutes
Format: 35mm
Year: 1987

Double Feature with RAWHEAD REX

*You only need to buy one ticket to see both films*

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October 7
10:00 pm (1h 35′)

Egyptian Theatre

Tickets – $12

October 7
10:00 pm (1h 35′)

Egyptian Theatre

Tickets – $12