West Coast Premiere

Travis Stevens is no stranger to genre—he has been producing incredible films for over 20 years. Stepping behind the camera for the first time, Stevens’ grand and gruesome directorial debut displays serious cinema chops in this gooey haunted house tale.

WWE superstar-turned-leading-man CM Punk stars as Don Koch, a family man with a fair share of skeletons in his closet, who has purchased a rundown mansion which he plans to renovate before moving his heavily pregnant wife in. However, the mansion also harbors a few skeletons of its own. When a flirty neighborhood woman starts dropping by unannounced, Don must contend with his conscience, all the while tearing apart a house that seems intent on returning the favor.

Dripping with atmosphere and boasting incredible practical VFX, “Girl on The Third Floor” is the kind of haunted house film horror fans pray for. Stevens builds an atmosphere of unease from his first frame and keeps turning the screws until the film explodes in a dizzying, viciously viscous final climax.

A firm reminder of how much fun a good horror film can be as well as an exciting debut, “Girl on the Third Floor” teases many more exciting films to come from this talented director.

Evrim Ersoy

Director: Travis Stevens
Country: USA
Runtime: 93 min.
Year: 2019
Guests: Travis Stevens, Phil Brooks and Elissa Dowling in Person

October 1
7:30 pm (1h 35′)

Hulu Theatre @The Egyptian