Filmmaker Edgar Wright brings his hit summer film BABY DRIVER to Beyond Fest for the ultimate double bill, enlisting the help of legendary filmmaker Walter Hill and his seminal car-noir, THE DRIVER.

It’s no secret that Wright’s film draws inspiration from Hill’s previous work going so far as to say that his film “couldn’t even exist without The Driver.”

In honor of the 4K Ultra HD™/Blu-ray release of BABY DRIVER (available 10.10), the two directors will sit between features for a moderated dialog bridging 40 years of filmmaking and vehicular obsession. Both films will be presented in 35mm exclusively at this very special event.


The breakout hit of the year, Edgar Wright’s BABY DRIVER is the heist film we’ve long dreamed of.

Effortlessly paying homage to its revered predecessors while magnificently catapulting the genre forward, BABY DRIVER is a true stick of cinematic dynamite, unlike anything we’ve seen before.

BABY DRIVER tells the story of the best getaway driver in the business, the always cool, music encyclopedia, Baby. After being coerced into working for a notorious crime boss Baby is partnered with a rogue’s gallery of professional criminals as they embark on a doomed heist.

In order to survive, Baby must draw on every driving skill at his disposal – and his ever-present iPod.

With a cast to die for, BABY DRIVER is a technical marvel that is crisply shot & masterfully edited, it also contains one of the greatest soundtracks committed to film.

The result is a pulsating revelation and a reminder how brilliant cinema can be when it’s so effortlessly executed – BABY DRIVER is an exhilarating joyride from start to finish.


Criminally underrated and overlooked upon its initial release Walter Hill’s auto-noir, THE DRIVER, has justifiably built a cult following over the past decade from filmmakers, cinephiles and academics alike.

Created in homage to Jean-Pierre Melville and Euro crime cinema, Hill pits existential getaway driver Ryan O’Neal against pit-bull detective Bruce Dern for a cat-and-mouse pursuit across the wasted underbelly of ’70s Los Angeles.

THE DRIVER is lean, mean and underpinned by a masterful cast that delivers sardonic wit and bitter brilliance on par with the very best film noir. Making her Hollywood debut, Isabelle Adjani has never been cooler in this twilight world where names are eschewed for actions. Where Hill most notably deviates from his peers and predecessors are the truly electric chase sequences.

Breathless even by today’s standards, Hill repeatedly throws the viewer against his bumpers as he perilously races across LA’s unforgiving asphalt – an astonishing accomplishment considering the now-antiquated state of cars in 1978.

An influence on almost every heist film that followed, THE DRIVER represents a highlight of Hill’s stellar career and a stone cold, tough-as-nails masterpiece.

Archival print courtesy of 20th Century Fox Archive. (Christian Parkes / Evrim Ersoy)

Edgar Wright & Walter Hill in Person

Director: Edgar Wright
Country: United States
Runtime: 102 minutes
Format: 35mm
Year: 1986

Director: Walter Hill
Country: United States
Runtime: 90 minutes
Format: 35mm archival print
Year: 1978


October 8
7:00 pm (4h)

Egyptian Theatre

Sold Out