Finally, the dynamic duo that is Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero has reunited for a dream project that will send fans of The Room into paroxysms of unabated joy once more.

If you are an acolyte or many-time-attendee of the last decade’s biggest cult film, heed the call and hit the theater for Wiseau’s latest.

Sestero plays a drifter who arrives in L.A. physically unharmed but mentally bruised; his shirt is covered in blood and he seems unable to speak. He ekes out a meager living by begging on the mean Angelino streets and slowly resigns himself to his hand to mouth predicament.

One day he crosses paths with a peculiar mortician (Wiseau) who asks for help in exchange for money. An evening of work turns into a regular gig for the drifter, who finds himself warming up to this odd man with odder habits.

It’s not long before the two find themselves engaged in an…unusual yet increasingly lucrative underground enterprise. With more money comes more problems as jealousy, anger and greed start to poison their initially warm, if odd, partnership. Will these best f(r)iends survive the turning tide?

Nothing can accurately describe basking in the unholy glow that is ‘Best F(r)iends’ — a dark, strange journey about loyalty and friendship that reminds you why we all fell in love with this amazing duo in the first place.

Buy a ticket, grab the greasiest popcorn you can obtain, and join us at Beyond Fest for a ride unlike any other to be had in La La Land. (Evrim Ersoy)

Special Thanks to Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero

World Premiere

Director: Justin MacGregor
Country: Canada, United States
Runtime: 95 minutes
Format: DCP
Year: 2017

Discussion between films with Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero and Justin Macgregor in Person

Double feature with THE ROOM

*You only need to buy one ticket to see both features*

September 30
7:30 pm (1h 35′)

Egyptian Theatre

Sold Out