Repertory Screening

It’s a strange world.
When a young man discovers an ear in a field, he finds himself at the center of an investigation related to a mysterious nightclub singer, a brutal psychopathic criminal, and a kidnapped child.

34 years on, what’s left to say about David Lynch’s bona-fide masterpiece? A ruthless descent into the hell behind the facade of America; a violent dissection of toxic masculinity and the myth of the hero; the loss of innocence and the endless suffering of humanity… if you’ve never journeyed into the world of BLUE VELVET before, welcome. Once the credits have rolled, you’ll never be the same again.

Nuanced, layered, disturbing, exciting, and a million other verbs could be applied to describe BLUE VELVET and yet none entirely captures the cinematic magic trick Lynch performs right in front of us, one that combines nostalgic Americana with brutal reality in a way only a madman or maestro could. Drawing career-worthy performances from its cast, including Kyle Maclachclan, Dennis Hopper, Isabelle Rosselini and of course Dean Stockwell, here’s Lynch at his effusive best: a crooner and a pugilist, sweet-talking us into the dream of violence.

Now let’s all go for a ride.

Evrim Ersoy

🎟️ Ticket purchase includes entry to BLUE VELVET, MULHOLLAND DRIVE and LOST HIGHWAY.
Director: David Lynch
Country: USA
Runtime: 120 min.
Year: 1986

October 3
7:30 pm (2h)

Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre

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