West Coast Premiere

Jim Hosking’s follow up to THE GREASY STRANGLER is every bit as batshit crazy as you would expect. Lulu Danger’s (Aubrey Plaza) unsatisfying marriage takes a fortunate turn for the worse when a mysterious man from her past comes to town to perform a mysterious event called “An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn; For One Magical Night Only.”

Sacked from her job as a barista by her husband, who then robs her brother, who in turn hires a hitman to take out Lulu’s husband, who in turn runs off with Lulu and falls in love with her despite her fixation on a TV personality named Beverly Luff Linn, who just happens to be doing a personal appearance in the two-bit hotel they are holed up in. Exhausted yet? You will be.

As with GREASY, Hosking populates this world with grotesque and stupid characters who say and do stupid things; while each character’s story could be its own film, all the disparate elements come together for an absolutely insane finale.

Hosking has a knack for off-kilter comedy, expertly balancing Lynchian small town desolation with Jared Hess-style absurdity. As a director, his bravery is incredible; he’s not afraid to let jokes play out well after their punchlines are delivered and he creates an incredible, idiosyncratic rhythm through which his performers really shine.

Aubrey Plaza is the heart and soul of the film and for every gross joke there’s an unexpectedly tender moment that lends depth and compassion to the characters that inhabit his bizarre small town world. Jim Hosking is uniting the freaks, the weirdos and unwanted unlike any other filmmaker right now and we welcome one and all to congregate in Beyond Fest’s chapel for misfits.

Spencer Hickman

Director: Jim Hosking
Country: USA
Runtime: 108 min.
Year: 2018
Guests: Aubrey Plaza, Craig Robinson, Jim Hosking in Person

October 8
7:30 pm (1h 40′)

Egyptian Theatre: Hulu Screen

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