Beyond Fest, Starz, Death Waltz Recording Co. Present a Night of the Dead

Featuring Fabio Frizzi’s THE BEYOND: Composer’s Cut, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD on 35mm and a Special Secret Screening

Legendary composer Fabio Frizzi returns to Los Angeles to perform THE BEYOND: Composer’s Cut, the first ever live rescore of Lucio Fulci’s masterpiece, THE BEYOND, and is accompanied by two screenings of the living dead.

Beyond Fest have partnered with Starz and Death Waltz Recording Co. to bring the illustrious composer Fabio Frizzi back to Los Angeles where he will be performing a completely new composition to Lucio Fulci’s supernatural shocker. Famed for his iconic Fulci’s scores (ZOMBI 2, SEVEN NOTES IN BLACK, THE BEYOND, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, MANHATTAN BABY), THE BEYOND: COMPOSER’S CUT, marks a daunting and decidedly different approach to the film and its score, one that has never been seen in the US until now. Complete with his 7-piece band, the maestro will perform for one night only on Sunday, October 2nd at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

Fabio Frizzi on THE BEYOND: Composer’s Cut:

“35 years after the shooting of Lucio’s horror/thriller masterpiece, I have retraced my steps in order to realize one of the boldest projects of my life: a composer’s cut. While we are accustomed “theatrical cuts” and “director’s cuts”, nobody has dared to conceive and perform a movie version following the musician’s point of view.

“What I have created is a new score for a cult classic, realized in a more modern way, almost in the ‘Hollywood style,’ with very few moments of silence but with great respect for the films original identity and keeping all of the dialog intact. THE BEYOND: Composer’s Cut is a true, expanded version of itself, realized through renewed vigour and the important ally of 35 years of added proficiency. Powered by the prog rock strength and orchestration of last year’s Frizzi 2 Fulci tour, it will be performed by the very best performers of my F2F band.

“THE BEYOND: Composer’s Cut explores an iconic past, renewed through a modern stylization of itself. which can now be experienced as the score is performed live to one of the most famous movies shot by this incredible director and dear friend, Lucio Fulci.”

In addition to THE BEYOND: Composer’s Cut, fans will also be treated to two very special screenings:

  • Immediately preceding THE BEYOND: Composer’s Cut is a very special 30 minute secret screening with guests.
  • Following Frizzi’s live re score performance of THE BEYOND is a screening of CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD. Grindhouse Releasing are generously sharing their private print of Fulci’s gothic masterpiece. This rarely seen 35mm print is the fully uncensored and unrated director’s cut, in scope.

“We are delighted to bring Fabio, one of the undisputed masters of Italian soundtracks, back to North America,” said Mondo Music label head, Spencer Hickman. “After the rapturous success of last year’s Frizzi2Fulci tour, it was a simple decision to engineer his return, especially when considering what he has planned.”

“Last year was so special for all of us, 40 years of dreams were finally realized. From the moment we left we have wanted to return but we knew it had to be in support of something very special. We think that we have achieved this with THE BEYOND: Composer’s Cut,” said Frizzi of the upcoming performance.

Highly influential to this day, Fabio Frizzi is one of the most celebrated Italian film composers, and respected in the same iconic pantheon as Ennio Morricone, Bruno Nicolai, Goblin and Gianni Ferrio. Frizzi’s influence has been cited by a vast range of contemporary artists ranging from Boards Of Canada to Wu Tang’s RZA, and he is heavily referenced by the rising stars of synth-horror including Umberto and Zombi. Frizzi’s work also resonates with cinephiles as Quentin Tarantino used the theme from SEVEN NOTES IN BLACK for his soundtrack to KILL BILL VOL 1.

Beyond Fest, Starz & Death Waltz Recording Co. Present THE BEYOND: Composer’s Cut with Fabio Frizzi

October 2nd, 2016 – Egyptian Theatre

  • Special 30 minute secret screening with special guests
  • Fabio Frizzi’s Composer’s Cut of THE BEYOND
  • 35mm fully uncensored, director’s cut screening of CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD in scope

Ticket price: $20 General Admission / $45 VIP

VIP package is limited to 60 tickets and includes:

  • Meet and greet signing session with Fabio Frizzi
  • Early entry to view sound check
  • First access to seating
  • An exclusive 12″ x 18″ small batch, hand silkscreen print on 100# rag paper print. Limited and numbered edition of 60.

Tickets – $20/$45