Beyond Fest + Legion M invites you to experience three terrifying visions of virtual reality horror from Dark Corner Studios

This year marks the first time that Beyond Fest has entered the virtual reality space, and it’s doing so in a big way. Partnering with Los Angeles VR studio Dark Corner, and Legion M, Beyond Fest will be playing three terrifying VR experiences from the team that wrecked senses with their 360-hospital-shocker Catatonic. Founded by commercial director extraordinaire Guy Shelmerdine, Dark Corner is the world’s first genre VR studio and they will be showcasing their very best. MULE is Shelmerdine’s eagerly awaited follow-up to CATATONIC. An emotional, fast-paced hell-ride that catapults the viewer through the final shocking moments of a man’s life (and beyond), MULE will also see the unveiling of a new, custom-designed installation tied to the film’s plot that Shelmerdine promises to be “bigger, more immersive, and more terrifying” than anything they’ve done before.

“The first time I saw these brilliant movies I lost my mind. They are legitimately scary-as-shit and represent a fully-realized future of horror, said Christian Parkes, Beyond Fest Co-Founder.

Dark Corner will also be showcasing Justin Denton’s two-part horror experience, BURLAP. Existing as both a traditional 2D short film and an immersive VR experience, BURLAP depicts a disturbed killer who zeroes in on an unfortunate babysitter to complete the creation of his secret “masterpiece.” Audiences can step inside the story with BURLA: REFLECTIONS, where they will experience the killer’s sinister obsession firsthand. In addition, Dark Corner will be bringing CATATONIC to terrorize Beyond Fest audiences for the first time.

“We’re incredibly excited to be an integral part of Beyond Fest and share our experiences here in LA, our home town,” said Dark Corner founder Guy Shelmerdine. “These films represent unforgettable journeys that are intended to push the boundaries of what 360º immersive storytelling can be. We cannot wait to unleash them.”

All experiences are free with sign up for viewing on site at the Egyptian Theatre.

This VR experience has been made possible with the kind support of Dark Corner Studios and Legion M.



Directed by Guy Shelmerdine
5 minutes | 2015

CATATONIC invites you to strap yourself in and take a ride that’s unlike anything you’ve endured before. In one of the world’s pioneering VR horror experiences, you’ll step into the shoes of a mental patient being welcomed into an insane asylum, where you undergo a sense-stunning thrill ride as the world around you descends deeper and deeper into madness.



Directed by Guy Shelmerdine
6 minutes | 2016

Experience life, death, and all the chaos in between with Guy Shelmerdine’s MULE. In full 360º virtual reality you will step into the shoes of one very unfortunate man as you witness the final moments of his downward spiral. In the end you must choose your fate and endure one of two possible conclusions: do you want to be buried or cremated?



Directed by Justin Denton
6 minutes | 2016

Experience an incredible vision of terror with Justin Denton’s BURLAP. Step inside a disturbed killer’s lair and soak up the horror in full 360º with BURLAP: REFLECTIONS as he completes his bloody masterpiece. A horrifying and groundbreaking virtual reality experience.